Top 10 Reasons Why Manhattan Beach is the Perfect Place to Live

Manhattan Beach has long been regarded as one of the best places to live in the country. Some of its benefits are clear – the beach, the weather – but there are many more reasons why Manhattan Beach deserves its place as one of the elite cities in which to reside. If you’re thinking of moving to a new location, consider these top 10 reasons to live in Manhattan Beach.

1.   Schools

The Manhattan Beach Unified School District is considered one of the finest in the entire nation. If you want your children to have a top-notch education, Manhattan Beach is the place to be.

2.   Beach

The 2.1 mile stretch of Manhattan Beach shoreline is revered among all Southern California beaches. The sandy coastline is one of the most pristine in the entirety of California. Novice and advanced surfers alike will all be able to catch great waves on the gorgeous and clean waters of Manhattan Beach.

3.   Lifestyle

The 36,000 residents of Manhattan Beach enjoy incredible weather, beautiful views, and outstanding homes. There’s never a shortage of something to do in Manhattan Beach. Events occur nearly every weekend, drawing crowds of happy families, couples, and friends.

The Roundhouse Aquarium and Manhattan Beach Pier are fan-favorites, offering fun for children and adults of all ages, and locals love to partake of the many coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques that line the Manhattan Beach streets. 

4.   Location, Location, Location

The close proximity to the ocean isn’t the only thing that makes Manhattan Beach a prime location. It is known for being remarkably safe. Crime is a rare occurrence.

Residents of Manhattan beach experience the best of all worlds. While the area itself is calm and tranquil, it is an easy commute to many hot-spots in the LA area such as Santa Monica and Downtown, and a weekend getaway down south to Disneyland or San Diego is well within reach.

5.   Healthy Living

Research shows that those who live near the ocean are more positive, happy, and healthy. Residents are likely to have increased psychological and physiological wellbeing compared to those who live further inland, thanks to the ocean’s healing presence.

Fresh, organic food is readily available for residents of Manhattan Beach both from supermarkets and the weekly farmers market and fitness classes of all kinds are held nearly every hour all throughout the city.

6.   Weather

Southern California has a notoriously easy climate, but Manhattan Beach seems to have won the good-weather lottery. Even the hottest days top out around 80 degrees, and the wind coming in off the water brings a blissful breeze to cool you down in the midday heat.

Mild temperatures are experienced year-round. Even in the wintertime the weather remains temperate and pleasant with lows in the 50s. Expect clear skies and warm sunshine nearly every day of the year.

7.   The Food

In 2014 GQ magazine named Manhattan Beach the city with the best beach food, and with good reason. Eclectic food choices are sure to satisfy any palate. Various breweries, farm-to-table restaurants, fine dining, and fast casual are all found in Manhattan Beach’s city limits. The Manhattan Beach Creamery is a staple of the city and will satisfy even the most severe sweet-tooth.

8.   Nearby Job Growth

Well-paying jobs are on the rise as new companies take up residence around the Manhattan Beach area. The easy commute to other parts of the city means you can take a job at one of the many lucrative corporations headquartered in Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, and other nearby areas. Start-ups, major corporations, and tech companies in and around Manhattan Beach have made the city a great place to call home.

9.   Small Town Vibe

Southern California boasts a high population, but Manhattan Beach still feels like a close-knit small town. With all the amenities of big cities, Manhattan Beach wants for nothing, yet the town isn’t overpopulated. The 36,000 residents get all the benefits of a big city with close to none of the drawbacks.

10.  Good People

Manhattan Beach residents are diverse in terms of age and gender. The population is relatively even across all ages from children to seniors, and the gender split is nearly 50/50. The city draws affluent, successful people who are looking for a peaceful place to call home. Many celebrities currently hold or have held property in Manhattan Beach.

Wealth and fame aside, the residents of Manhattan Beach are integral to the city’s joyful, uplifting energy. More than the beaches, the weather, or the establishments, it is the people who make Manhattan Beach one of the best places to live in the country.

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